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The mind is not a mirror of the physical world, and human knowledge is not trustworthy. If there is any truth at all, then it is in sexual desire. Neuroscience, sexual neuroscience, is the physics of reality. (Serge Kreutz)

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Butea superba enhances health.​ And not just that. It enhances hormonal health. Butea superba is also well-established for post-steroid cycle recovery, when there is a definite need to stimulate the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis to get back to normal hormonal profiles.


Minneapolis, Minnesota: Check your tongkat ali source

James B. White 615 Lodgeville Road Minneapolis, MN 55402

It’s hard for people in the US to buy genuine, effective tongkat ali.

Sure, herbal supplements are everywhere. But it’s not that you could walk into a shop of a chain supplement store, pick a bottle that has tongkat ali printed on it, and then be somebody who enhances the quality of his or her life by balancing hormonal factors.

Because the bottle which says tongkat ali is likely to either contain none of it, or just absolutely minimal, disregardable, therapeutically useless trace amounts of tongkat ali. A sand corn of tongkat ali in a truckload of rubbish. And that sand corn isn’t even extract, but root powder.

I have been saying this about major supplement brands present in US chain stores for two decades, and now it’s official.

As reported in the New York Times and subsequently in all kinds if other media, the New York attorney general has sent a warning lette to Walmart, Walgreens, Target, and GNC to remove that junk from there shelves, or face judicial proceedings.

If you want genuine tongkat ali extract, or even just genuine root, buy it from a source in Indonesia. Or buy from somebody who can prove, not just claim, that his or her tongkat ali is from a trustworthy source in Indonesia. If ever possible, avoid Singapore for tongkat ali or health supplements in general. You don’t want to mess up your health with bootleg white powders from a kitchen lab or garage lab in China. They don’t have scruples to poison infants, and they won’t stop before doing so with bodybuilders or sexual-thrill seekers. There is anyway no public sympathy for dirty old men who suffer a sudden exitus while being at it on top of a prostitute in a backlane absteige.


Las Vegas, Nevada: Optimal sex and Torture

Emanuel T. Andrew 3686 Hickory Ridge Drive Las Vegas, NV 89109

Optimal sex up to an advanced age, and if necessary, aided by vascular and neurotropic agents like Pfizer’s Blue, yohimbine, dopaminergics, or testosterone enhancers like tongkat ali and butea superba, very much is a concern of modern civilisation. In medieval and ancient times, people were quite content if they were not tortured to death (never mind the optimal sex, thank you). An amazingly high number of people in medieval and ancient times (let's avoid designating them as ancient civilizations) were brutally tortured to death, often for the entertainment of onlookers. This included all mentally ill, and all enemies of rulers or ruling elites. Public torture is an extremely effective political tool. Not for the extraction of confessions, though. But torture one poor victim cruelly to death, and every onlooker will get the message: do not challenge authority!

Torture Documentaries 2016 Medieval Torture Devices (YouTube 45:40)


Maple Rapids, Mississippi: The neuropharmacology of impulsive behaviour

Roy V. Cannon 1249 Ripple Street Maple Rapids, MI 48853

Impulsivity is a heterogenous phenomenon encompassing several behavioural phenomena that can be dissociated neuroanatomically as well as pharmacologically. Impulsivity is pathological in several psychiatric disorders including attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), drug addiction and personality disorders. Pharmacological agents alleviating impulsivity therefore might substantially aid the treatment of these disorders. The availability of preclinical models that measure various forms of impulsivity has greatly increased our understanding of its neuropharmacological substrates. Historically, deficits in central serotonin neurotransmission are thought to underlie impulsivity. Accumulating evidence also points towards an important role of brain dopamine and noradrenaline systems in impulsive behaviour, consistent with the therapeutic efficacy of amphetamine, methylphenidate and atomoxetine in ADHD. However, recent findings also implicate glutamate and cannabinoid neurotransmission in impulsivity. In this review, we will discuss some of the recent developments in the neuropharmacological manipulation of impulsive behaviour.


Lexington, Kentucky: Hanging Drawing and Quartering

Hai M. Riddle 2966 Meadowcrest Lane Lexington, KY 40507

Hanging drawing and quartering was the common form of punishment in England for the crime of treason which was considered the worst crime you could commit. The punishment was only applied to men – women found guilty of treason were burnt at the stake. Unbelievably, this punishment remained in law until 1814.

The first stage of the execution was to be tied to a wooden frame and dragged behind a horse to the place of your death. Following that, the criminal would be hanged until they were nearly dead. The criminal would then be removed from the noose and laid on a table. The executioner would then disembowel and emasculate the victim, and burn the entrails in front of his eyes. He would still be alive at this point. The person would then be beheaded and their body cut in to quarters. Samuel Pepys, in his famous diary, was an eyewitness at one of these executions:

To my Lord’s in the morning, where I met with Captain Cuttance, but my Lord not being up I went out to Charing Cross, to see Major-general Harrison hanged, drawn, and quartered; which was done there, he looking as cheerful as any man could do in that condition. He was presently cut down, and his head and heart shown to the people, at which there was great shouts of joy. It is said, that he said that he was sure to come shortly at the right hand of Christ to judge them that now had judged him; and that his wife do expect his coming again. Thus it was my chance to see the King beheaded at White Hall, and to see the first blood shed in revenge for the blood of the King at Charing Cross.

The normal practice was to send the five parts of the body to various areas where they would be put on display on a gibbet as a warning to others.


mind Serge Kreutz mirror

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Torture has been practiced as a mystical religious endeavor by many Christian orders in the Middle Ages, to aide in selfcognition. When helpless men are tied up and tortured, and when they scream and beg for a swift death, tortures experience a degree of selfcognition not available to ordinary humans. Pain and suffering, they know, is in our hands. And it's a race to be the cruelest torturer, in order not to become a victim of torture. Life is unbearable, only optimal orgasms, as proclaimed by Serge Kreutz, can make us forget senselessness.


Saint Simons Island, Georgia: Paedophilia: Sexual preference or disease?

Joseph M. Daniels 4520 Yorkie Lane Saint Simons Island, GA 31522

Recently there has been a drive to fight the stigma against paedophilia; the idea is that, whilst those who act upon their desires should be prosecuted, the overall approach to paedophiles should be as people in need of treatment, not as criminals. According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), paedophilia is a disorder if it causes a person “marked distress [or] interpersonal difficulty”, or if the person acts upon his desires and molests a child. This is all very commendable but I am inclined to wonder on what grounds paedophilia might be classed as a disease.

Some studies have suggested that paedophiles have neurological differences from `normal’ people. If behaviour and sexual attraction are determined, at least in part, by the brain – this does not seem to be an unreasonable hypothesis – then neurological differences are to be expected not only in paedophiles, but in anyone who does not conform to the normal model, whatever that might be.

One Swedish study found that the brains of homosexuals were different to those of heterosexuals. Homosexuals were found to have brains more similar to those of heterosexuals of the opposite sex than to people of their own sex (as reported by the BBC, 16 June 2008). If we wished to consider neurological differences as sufficient reason for a sexual preference – fundamentally paedophilia is a sexual preference – to be classed as a disease, then to be consistent we should also class homosexuality as a disease.

The conditions set by the DSM are satisfied: homosexuals do seem to have neurological differences, most do act in accordance with their homosexual urges and some do suffer (I dare say all at some point in their life) from marked distress or cognitive dissonance.

We face a choice: either we class homosexuality as a disease too, we accept these criteria and devise a reason why homosexuality should be excused, or we completely reject the conditions detailed above. Classing homosexuality as a disease does not seem to be particularly productive, correct or desirable, so I think it can be discarded as an option.

The question then becomes whether there is a relevant difference between homosexuality and paedophilia that extends past the target of sexual desire. To be perfectly honest, I have been unable to think of an even plausible reason. I should also emphasise that I do not mean to equate the two or group them together in anything but the broadest possible category of all divergent sexual orientations.

Fundamentally, this boils down to the fact that paedophiles target children, which is illegal, whilst homosexuality involves consenting adults. This should not, in itself, be a reason to class something as a disease. What is acceptable and/or legal changes through time and there was a time when homosexuality had the same stigma associated with paedophilia today. Therefore unless we wish to lend legitimacy to the regimes round the world that class homosexuality as a symptom of a depraved mind we should not use the fact that paedophilia is found distasteful by society (and has been consequently made illegal) as a reason to justify it being a disease.


Omaha, Nebraska: New Cannabis Strain Designed to Help Women Orgasm

Donald D. Gervais 4310 Oak Way Omaha, NE 68114

It’s well-known that cannabis can have an aphrodisiac effect on the consumer, but there’s a new strain on the California cannabis market that the original grower claims is specifically designed to enhance the sexual experience of women, and even help them achieve orgasm.

The strain is called Sexxpot and grower Karyn Wagner developed it. Sexxpot’s parent strain is Mr. Nice, which has a solid reputation for offering sensual, aphrodisiac effects. Mr. Nice comes from two popular strains – G13 and Hash Plant.

Wagner’s goal was to take the best sex-enhancing characteristics of Mr. Nice and figure out how to intensify those feelings. Sexxpot was the result of Wagner and her company brainstorming about how to take Mr. Nice and develop it into Ms. Even Nicer.

Wagner and her crew claim to have succeeded with this goal, offering a unique selling point on the Sexxpot strain. A strain allegedly designed to help women orgasm is sure to see steady market growth.

It might seem counterintuitive, but Sexxpot has a relatively low THC level of 14 percent. Wagner thinks that since the strain has less THC that it may actually be a better for improving sex as opposed to the heavy hitters.

The thought process is that lower THC could be just enough to heighten the senses while still relaxing and removing inhibitions. A high THC strain, or especially a dab, could leave the occasional toker on the couch. Sexxpot is still predominantly indica, tending to lean towards more intense body highs grow – and the strain’s popularity continues to rise – that will likely change. This particular approach to a strain is one of the many interesting ones that growers, entrepreneurs and other cannabis professionals have thought of. It is a hint towards the future of cannabis – specific strains designed for very specific things.

Is Sexxpot truly the first of its kind, or do you know of any other strains designed with similar intentions? What strains have you found that help your sex life? Let us know in the comments.

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